CS-Cart Addons Mobile V3

Mobile Skin for CS-Cart v3.x



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The CS-Cart mobile addon has been completely redesigned, here are few improvements made:

  • Separated block management for Cs-Cart Mobile version on a grid of 4. The mobile version is responsive now, this will adapt better to any device 

  • Improved speed

  • Improved performance

  • Built with Jquery Mobile

  • Default Jquery Mobile template

The add-on has been completely separated from the cs-cart template, this means you will be able to customize its style easier.

CS-Cart Version Compatibility

CS-Cart compatibility


 (5) - Mobile Skin for CS-Cart v3.x

This mobile skin is an essential add-on for CS-Cart. Even though the skin is still in beta, it works great. The Seonid team have gone above and beyond in their support for this add-on on my site, and I highly recommend their excellent work. Top notch. Thanks.

Installation Guide

Before you proceed to the next step please make sure you have the appropriate permissions for the following CS-Cart files and directories: 

Cs-cart version 3.x THIS IS A MUST!!!

/addons - read/write/execute for all users (777)

/images (and all its subdirectories) - read/write/execute for all users (777)

/skins - read/write/execute for all users (777)

/var (and all its subdirectories) - read/write/execute for all users (777)

Cs-cart version 4.x THIS IS A MUST!!!

/app/addons 777   |  default is 755

/js/addons 777  | default is 755

design/backend/css/addons 777 |  default 777

design/backend/mail/templates/addons 777 |  default 777

design/backend/media/images/addons 777 | default 777

design/backend/templates/addons 777 | default 777

/var/themes_repository/basic/css/addons 777 |  default 777

/var/themes_repository/basic/mail/templates/addons 777 |  default 777

/var/themes_repository/basic/media/images/addons 777 |  default 777

/var/themes_repository/basic/media/fonts/addons 777 |  default 777

/var/themes_repository/basic/templates/addons 777 |  default 777

Instalation: Please verify your cs-cart version adding to your store url /?version Ex: www.domain.com/?version
The return will be something like this: CS-CART: version X.X.X  (ex: 3.0.1 or 4.1.2)

In your downloads section, you will find Seonid Installer
Please download the Seonid Installer correctly for your cs-cart version

1. Unzip the files.
2. Copy/Paste the folder addons from archive directly to your site root (do overwrite if it asks you)
3. In administration area, go to Administration / Add-ons and install the addon Seonid Installer.
4. Log off admin

If you have followed those steps, then the next time you login, you will see a Cs-cart notification, to download and install the product you have purchased.

PS. The notification will appear, if you entered the "domain" name correctly when you purchased the add-on

We allow all our customers a test domain for further development or testing. Please send your dev domain as a comment when you purchase the product (DO NOT add it in the licensed domain input field)