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Cs-Cart European VIES VAT number


This product is electronically distributed.


CS-Cart Tax Exempt,

made simple!

How It works?

If your customer is from EU (European Union ) and he is representing a company (has a valid EU intra community number), the VAT from his order will be automatically removed. Simple right ?
How it works?
We take into consideration 2 aspects.
1. Shop Location
2. Customer Location
*Note: If the customer is from the same country as the shop VAT will be applied in all cases.

Backend (shop administration):

This add-on, will automatically create 1 field in customers profile:

Customer side :

By default it will show in user profile and checkout , as 2 fields, first one is a select box of country codes (EU countries) and a max 12 digit field

Verifying the validity of VAT number:

There are several checks made.
If the shop is not from the same country with the customer, here is where the add-on will do the job.
When a user is inserting his VAT number, the add-on is verifying if it is written correctly: 2 letters (country code) in the first field, and max 12 characters in the second field.
In case this condition is passed, there is a second check, this number is sent and validated on the official EU VIES system which handles VAT numbers in real time: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/

If the VAT number is valid, the user can purchase his order with tax exempt.

We created this add-on because of the headaches we had validating vat numbers which our customers provided. Also, there was always a delay, since the customers had to send us mail before purchasing.

Here are few cases to undestand the principle.

We have the following variables.

Shop Location - company , Customer as individual, Customer as a company, and customer's location.

Case 1:

Shop location: Germany (Eu country)
If the Customer is from Germany, it doesnt matter if he is a company or individual, he will pay VAT.

Case 2:

Shop Location: Germany (Eu country)
Customer is an individual from France (Eu country) - so he has NO EU intra community number
In this case the customer will pay VAT

Case 3:

Shop Location : Germany (Eu country)
The customer is a company from France (EU country) - Valid EU intra community numner
In this case the customer will NOT pay the VAT.

Case 4:

Shop Location : Germany (Eu country)

The customer is outside EU, so it doesnt matter if he is a company or an individual, he will NOT pay VAT. This is considered import/export and it is subject to other taxes (customs)

According to EU laws, For VAT e-commerce FAQ please read this : http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/taxation/vat/traders/e-commerce/article_1610_en.htm

The structure of VAT identification numbers is given in the table below.

Member State





1 block of 9 characters



1 block of 10 digits 3


BG999999999 or


1 block of 9 digits or1 block of 10 digits



1 block of 9 characters

CZ-Czech Republic

CZ99999999 or

CZ999999999 or


1 block of either 8, 9 or 10 digits



1 block of 9 digits


DK99 99 99 99

4 blocks of 2 digits



1 block of 9 digits



1 block of 9 digits



1 block of 9 characters



1 block of 8 digits


FRXX 999999999

1 block of 2 characters, 1 block of 9 digits

GB-United Kingdom

GB999 9999 99 or

GB999 9999 99 9995 or

GBGD9996 or


1 block of 3 digits, 1 block of 4 digits and 1 block of 2 digits; or the above followed by a block of 3 digits; or 1 block of 5 characters



1 block of 8 digits



1 block of 8 characters



1 block of 11 digits


LT999999999 or


1 block of 9 digits, or 1 block of 12 digits



1 block of 8 digits



1 block of 11 digits



1 block of 8 digits

NL-The Netherlands


1 block of 12 characters



1 block of 10 digits



1 block of 9 digits



1 block of minimum 2 digits and maximum 10 digits



1 block of 12 digits



1 block of 8 digits



1 block of 10 digits

CS-Cart Version Compatibility

CS-Cart compatibility

CS-Cart v4.11.5:
CS-Cart v4.11.4:
CS-Cart v4.11.3:
CS-Cart v4.11.2:
CS-Cart v4.11.1:
CS-Cart v4.10.4:
CS-Cart v4.10.3:
CS-Cart v4.10.2:
CS-Cart v4.10.1:
CS-Cart v4.9.3:
CS-Cart v4.9.2:
CS-Cart v4.9.1:
CS-Cart v4.8.2:
CS-Cart v4.8.1:
CS-Cart v4.7.4:
CS-Cart v4.7.3:
CS-Cart v4.7.2:
CS-Cart v4.7.1:
CS-Cart v4.6.3:
CS-Cart v4.6.2:
CS-Cart v4.6.1:
CS-Cart v4.5.2:
CS-Cart v4.5.1:
CS-Cart v4.4.3:
CS-Cart v4.4.2:
CS-Cart v4.4.1:
CS-Cart v4.3.10:
CS-Cart v4.3.9:
CS-Cart v4.3.8:
CS-Cart v4.3.7:
CS-Cart v4.3.6:
CS-Cart v4.3.5:
CS-Cart v4.3.4:
CS-Cart v4.3.3:
CS-Cart v4.3.2:
CS-Cart v4.3.1:
CS-Cart v4.2.4:
CS-Cart v4.2.3:
CS-Cart v4.2.2:
CS-Cart v4.2.1:
CS-Cart v4.1.5:
CS-Cart v4.1.4:
CS-Cart v4.1.3:
CS-Cart v4.1.2:
CS-Cart v4.1.1:
CS-Cart v4.0.3:
CS-Cart v4.0.2:
CS-Cart v4.0.1:
CS-Cart v3.0.6:
CS-Cart v3.0.5:
CS-Cart v3.0.4:
CS-Cart v3.0.3:
CS-Cart v3.0.2:
CS-Cart v3.0.1:
CS-Cart v2.2.5:
CS-Cart v2.2.4:
CS-Cart v2.2.3:
CS-Cart v2.2.2:
CS-Cart v2.2.1:
CS-Cart v2.1.4:
CS-Cart v2.1.3:
CS-Cart v2.1.2:
CS-Cart v2.1.1:
CS-Cart v2.1.0:
CS-Cart v2.0.15:
CS-Cart v2.0.14:
CS-Cart v2.0.13:
CS-Cart v2.0.12:
CS-Cart v2.0.11:
CS-Cart v2.0.10:
CS-Cart v2.0.9:
CS-Cart v2.0.8:
CS-Cart v2.0.7:
CS-Cart v2.0.6:
CS-Cart v2.0.5:
CS-Cart v2.0.4:
CS-Cart v2.0.3:


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Installation Guide

Before you proceed to the next step please make sure you have the appropriate permissions for the following CS-Cart files and directories:

Cs-cart version 3.x THIS IS A MUST!!!

/addons - read/write/execute for all users (777)

/images (and all its subdirectories) - read/write/execute for all users (777)

/skins - read/write/execute for all users (777)

/var (and all its subdirectories) - read/write/execute for all users (777)

Cs-cart version 4.x THIS IS A MUST!!!

/app/addons 777 | default is 755

/js/addons 777 | default is 755

design/backend/css/addons 777 | default 777

design/backend/mail/templates/addons 777 | default 777

design/backend/media/images/addons 777 | default 777

design/backend/templates/addons 777 | default 777

/var/themes_repository/basic/css/addons 777 | default 777

/var/themes_repository/basic/mail/templates/addons 777 | default 777

/var/themes_repository/basic/media/images/addons 777 | default 777

/var/themes_repository/basic/media/fonts/addons 777 | default 777

/var/themes_repository/basic/templates/addons 777 | default 777

Instalation: Please verify your cs-cart version adding to your store url /?version Ex: www.domain.com/?version
The return will be something like this: CS-CART: version X.X.X (ex: 3.0.1 or 4.1.2)

In your downloads section, you will find Seonid Installer
Please download the Seonid Installer correctly for your cs-cart version

1. Unzip the files.
2. Copy/Paste the folder addons from archive directly to your site root (do overwrite if it asks you)
3. In administration area, go to Administration / Add-ons and install the addon Seonid Installer.
4. In administration area, under Add-ons menu, you will find Seonid Updates check. Click it. You will be prompted with a notification to install the addon purchased.

Note*. The notification will appear, if you entered the "domain" name correctly when you purchased the add-on

We allow all our customers a test domain for further development or testing. Please send your dev domain as a comment when you purchase the product (DO NOT add it in the licensed domain input field)