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CS-Cart Tax Exempt,

made simple!

How It works?

If your customer is from EU (European Union ) and he is representing a company (has a valid EU intra community number), the VAT from his order will be automatically removed. Simple right ?
How it works?
We take into consideration 2 aspects.
1. Shop Location
2. Customer Location
*Note: If the customer is from the same country as the shop VAT will be applied in all cases.

Backend (shop administration):

This add-on, will automatically create 1 field in customers profile:

Customer side :

By default it will show in user profile and checkout , as 2 fields, first one is a select box of country codes (EU countries) and a max 12 digit field

Verifying the validity of VAT number:

There are several checks made.
If the shop is not from the same country with the customer, here is where the add-on will do the job.
When a user is inserting his VAT number, the add-on is verifying if it is written correctly: 2 letters (country code) in the first field, and max 12 characters in the second field.
In case this condition is passed, there is a second check, this number is sent and validated on the official EU VIES system which handles VAT numbers in real time: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/

If the VAT number is valid, the user can purchase his order with tax exempt.

We created this add-on because of the headaches we had validating vat numbers which our customers provided. Also, there was always a delay, since the customers had to send us mail before purchasing.

Here are few cases to undestand the principle.

We have the following variables.

Shop Location - company , Customer as individual, Customer as a company, and customer's location.

Case 1:

Shop location: Germany (Eu country)
If the Customer is from Germany, it doesnt matter if he is a company or individual, he will pay VAT.

Case 2:

Shop Location: Germany (Eu country)
Customer is an individual from France (Eu country) - so he has NO EU intra community number
In this case the customer will pay VAT

Case 3:

Shop Location : Germany (Eu country)
The customer is a company from France (EU country) - Valid EU intra community numner
In this case the customer will NOT pay the VAT.

Case 4:

Shop Location : Germany (Eu country)

The customer is outside EU, so it doesnt matter if he is a company or an individual, he will NOT pay VAT. This is considered import/export and it is subject to other taxes (customs)

According to EU laws, For VAT e-commerce FAQ please read this : https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/citizens/buying-goods-and-services-online-personal-use_en

CS-Cart Version Compatibility

CS-Cart compatibility

CS-Cart v4.17.2:
CS-Cart v4.17.1:
CS-Cart v4.16.2:
CS-Cart v4.16.1:
CS-Cart v4.15.2:
CS-Cart v4.15.1:
CS-Cart v4.14.3:
CS-Cart v4.14.2:
CS-Cart v4.14.1:
CS-Cart v4.13.3:
CS-Cart v4.13.2:
CS-Cart v4.13.1:
CS-Cart v4.12.2:
CS-Cart v4.12.1:
CS-Cart v4.11.5:
CS-Cart v4.11.4:
CS-Cart v4.11.3:
CS-Cart v4.11.2:
CS-Cart v4.11.1:
CS-Cart v4.10.4:
CS-Cart v4.10.3:
CS-Cart v4.10.2:
CS-Cart v4.10.1:
CS-Cart v4.9.3:
CS-Cart v4.9.2:
CS-Cart v4.9.1:
CS-Cart v4.8.2:
CS-Cart v4.8.1:
CS-Cart v4.7.4:
CS-Cart v4.7.3:
CS-Cart v4.7.2:
CS-Cart v4.7.1:
CS-Cart v4.6.3:
CS-Cart v4.6.2:
CS-Cart v4.6.1:
CS-Cart v4.5.2:
CS-Cart v4.5.1:
CS-Cart v4.4.3:
CS-Cart v4.4.2:
CS-Cart v4.4.1:
CS-Cart v4.3.10:
CS-Cart v4.3.9:
CS-Cart v4.3.8:
CS-Cart v4.3.7:


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Installation Guide

Instalation: Please verify your cs-cart version adding to your store backend url ?version Ex: www.domain.com/admin.php?version

The return will be something like this: CS-CART: version X.X.X (ex: 3.0.1 or 4.1.2)

In your downloads section, you will find all versions, choose the correct file for your cs-cart version and download it

1. Go to your store backend > Addons area
2. Click on "Manual installation" from the top right corner (cog icon) 
3. In the following popul click on the "Local" button and choose the downloaded zip file and finally click on "Upload & Install"