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Mobile Skin for CS-Cart v2.x

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click hereWelcome to the new era of mobile e-commerce. This is a CS-CART mobile theme, compatible with Apple Iphone & Android. This is an mobile skin for Cs-cart and it is developed as an add-on.
Installation is simple and it takes less than 2 minutes.

How it works ?
Just how we like it, SIMPLE ! The add-on is detecting the user agent and in case of a mobile user agent it will display the mobile skin.
So you dont have to do anything. You don't have to configure anything, from logo, to categories and products, everything is grabbed from your own cs-cart.
Curious ? Test it here ! 


  • This add-on uses Cs-cart architecture and accesibility
  • Large UI elements, easy to work with made specially for finger navigation


  • Instant search from any page, no page reloads - advanced search options from cs-cart are removed

Swipe, explore & buy

  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Easy access to categories/subcategories
  • Large fonts and buttons on product pages
  • Instant add to cart, no page reloads

User profile

  • Easy access to Profile details, Downloads, Orders, Subscriptions, Wishlist, from anywhere

Detailed product page

  • Detailed product information - all your product options available
  • Multiple Images with horizontal slider

Shopping cart

  • Cart access from any page
  • Update items with AJAX

Easy and fast checkout

  • One page checkout
  • Increased texts and forms
  • Edit completed steps by tapping the "change" link
  • Your own payment methods available

And much more..

Detects iPhone\Android automatically
It uses your own logo
Resolution independence
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
 Device rotation support
iOS 4.2 - 5.0 support
Android compatible

This product was tested on all cs-cart standard skins, and on few customized ones.

In case you are running a very highly customized cs-cart we recommend to purchase this add-on with support.

If you have Canonical Url addon installed, after installing this addon, just uninstall and install again the Canonical Url addon from your cs-cart admin panel.

CS-Cart Version Compatibility

CS-Cart compatibility

CS-Cart v4.1.2:
CS-Cart v4.1.1:
CS-Cart v4.0.3:
CS-Cart v4.0.2:
CS-Cart v4.0.1:
CS-Cart v3.0.6:
CS-Cart v3.0.5:
CS-Cart v3.0.4:
CS-Cart v3.0.3:
CS-Cart v3.0.2:
CS-Cart v3.0.1:
CS-Cart v2.2.5:
CS-Cart v2.2.4:
CS-Cart v2.2.3:
CS-Cart v2.2.2:
CS-Cart v2.2.1:
CS-Cart v2.1.4:
CS-Cart v2.1.3:
CS-Cart v2.1.2:
CS-Cart v2.1.1:
CS-Cart v2.1.0:
CS-Cart v2.0.15:
CS-Cart v2.0.14:
CS-Cart v2.0.13:
CS-Cart v2.0.12:
CS-Cart v2.0.11:
CS-Cart v2.0.10:
CS-Cart v2.0.9:
CS-Cart v2.0.8:
CS-Cart v2.0.7:
CS-Cart v2.0.6:
CS-Cart v2.0.5:
CS-Cart v2.0.4:
CS-Cart v2.0.3:


Lucian and team helped me customize this a bit and worked really quickly. I am running 2.2.4 and works FANTASTIC! Thank you!!
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Installation Guide

Before you proceed to the next step please make sure you have the appropriate permissions for the following CS-Cart files and directories:

Cs-cart version 3.x THIS IS A MUST!!!

/addons - read/write/execute for all users (777)

/images (and all its subdirectories) - read/write/execute for all users (777)

/skins - read/write/execute for all users (777)

/var (and all its subdirectories) - read/write/execute for all users (777)

Cs-cart version 4.x THIS IS A MUST!!!

/app/addons 777 | default is 755

/js/addons 777 | default is 755

design/backend/css/addons 777 | default 777

design/backend/mail/templates/addons 777 | default 777

design/backend/media/images/addons 777 | default 777

design/backend/templates/addons 777 | default 777

/var/themes_repository/basic/css/addons 777 | default 777

/var/themes_repository/basic/mail/templates/addons 777 | default 777

/var/themes_repository/basic/media/images/addons 777 | default 777

/var/themes_repository/basic/media/fonts/addons 777 | default 777

/var/themes_repository/basic/templates/addons 777 | default 777

Instalation: Please verify your cs-cart version adding to your store url /?version Ex: www.domain.com/?version
The return will be something like this: CS-CART: version X.X.X (ex: 3.0.1 or 4.1.2)

In your downloads section, you will find Seonid Installer
Please download the Seonid Installer correctly for your cs-cart version

1. Unzip the files.
2. Copy/Paste the folder addons from archive directly to your site root (do overwrite if it asks you)
3. In administration area, go to Administration / Add-ons and install the addon Seonid Installer.
4. In administration area, under Add-ons menu, you will find Seonid Updates check. Click it. You will be prompted with a notification to install the addon purchased.

Note*. The notification will appear, if you entered the "domain" name correctly when you purchased the add-on

We allow all our customers a test domain for further development or testing. Please send your dev domain as a comment when you purchase the product (DO NOT add it in the licensed domain input field)