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SEONID CSCart add-ons are awesome!
Second SEONID built another custom add-on for us to integrate with our Amazon Account. Now we can very easily export our CS-Cart products and inventory from CS-Cart into our Amazon account. This was very time consuming process and not three clicks of a button. They did a great job and essential for us Amazon business. They also were able to easily upgrade the CS-Cart Addon to work with 3.0.3 when we upgraded our site. If you are looking for Custom Add-on for CS-Cart, I would strongly recommend SEONID. They provide first class customer service, skype support, and great programming. And Honestly, providing Skype support is essential with any complex customer development because if you can't quickly talk and iron out the details of complex plugin, sometimes you spend 3/4 the time getting them to understand what you want. Kerusso has been around for 25 years and the leader in Christian Apparel industry. SEONID is the first company we contact get any CS-cart Addon built. I recommend you do the same!
Good add-ons, quick fixes, good service, and nice people to work with!
When I was looking to modify my cs-cart system, i went directly to cs-cart themselves and only wanted them to make the changes as they built the system, they'd be best qualified to make the changes without troubles afterwards. I accidentally stumbled upon Seonid's iPhone add on, I wasn't interested in the addon itself but I thought if they've got such a great understanding of the system to build such a complex addon then they could certainly make my changes. I contact both cs-cart and seonid for a quote, Seonid's quote was much better and their response was very informative, so I went with Seonid. I dealt with Lucian the whole way through, I really loved his "nothing is too hard" attitude, even when I gave options to take the easier route he insistant to do it properly - very rare quality. They stuck to the budget even though they did more work than I expected. Highly recommended if you're looking for a company who can think about the project without you having to spoon feed them every step through.
Speed. Quality & Expertise? All in one shop? I'm glad they aren't in my neighborhood :)
This group clearly knows what they are doing and we'll be using their services again! Marty
I purchased the Mobile Skin from SEONID and due to me already having quite a few addons installed within my cart, unfortunately the Mobile Skin was not functioning correctly. After just 1 email to the developer, and after enabling access to the addon, SEONID rewrote the software and hooks so that my store continued to function as it would with the Mobile Skin addon working 100% too. This literally took a few hours and I had the whole thing working. Excellent service, excellent speed, excellent addon. I will be asking SEONID for a site redesign when we require it for sure.
We enjoyed working with SEONID.
Our project was scheduled on short notice, and seonid team managed to get it done in time with very good level of quality. As I used to work with other companies, we appreciated their good coding, respecting standards and good behaviors, even when not fully specified. Their project management is also a good point, as their web manager is usefull and simple, dedicated team answers well, lists todo's and dates. Seonid has a good balance between flexibility, high level project management and coding level, and we recommend to work with them.
They are reliable and have brains :) Marc, www.brand-new-mobile.com
The iphone skin looks great ! Thank you !
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