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This add-on will display your product prices including tax as primary price. Please note, all prices are added in admin without tax included. If the user is logged in and he has a valid VIES VAT number, the price displayed will be the one without VAT.

CS-Cart Version Compatibility

CS-Cart compatibility

CS-Cart v4.15.1:
CS-Cart v4.14.3:
CS-Cart v4.14.2:
CS-Cart v4.14.1:
CS-Cart v4.13.3:
CS-Cart v4.13.2:
CS-Cart v4.13.1:
CS-Cart v4.12.2:
CS-Cart v4.12.1:
CS-Cart v4.11.5:
CS-Cart v4.11.4:
CS-Cart v4.11.3:
CS-Cart v4.11.2:
CS-Cart v4.11.1:
CS-Cart v4.10.4:
CS-Cart v4.10.3:
CS-Cart v4.10.2:
CS-Cart v4.10.1:
CS-Cart v4.9.3:
CS-Cart v4.9.2:
CS-Cart v4.9.1:
CS-Cart v4.8.2:
CS-Cart v4.8.1:
CS-Cart v4.7.4:
CS-Cart v4.7.3:
CS-Cart v4.7.2:
CS-Cart v4.7.1:
CS-Cart v4.6.3:
CS-Cart v4.6.2:
CS-Cart v4.6.1:
CS-Cart v4.5.2:
CS-Cart v4.5.1:
CS-Cart v4.4.3:
CS-Cart v4.4.2:
CS-Cart v4.4.1:
CS-Cart v4.3.10:
CS-Cart v4.3.9:
CS-Cart v4.3.8:
CS-Cart v4.3.7:


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Installation Guide

Instalation: Please verify your cs-cart version adding to your store backend url ?version Ex: www.domain.com/admin.php?version

The return will be something like this: CS-CART: version X.X.X (ex: 3.0.1 or 4.1.2)

In your downloads section, you will find all versions, choose the correct file for your cs-cart version and download it

1. Go to your store backend > Addons area
2. Click on "Manual installation" from the top right corner (cog icon) 
3. In the following popul click on the "Local" button and choose the downloaded zip file and finally click on "Upload & Install"